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Tong Dawei and Guan Yue were fond of knot happy match on April 17
Tong Dawei of star of movie and TV and Guan Yue were in Beijing midday on April 17, 2008 7 banqueting hall holds Suo Fei especially big public house bridal. Tong Dawei and sweetness of formal attire of gauze of marriage of move closing Yue show a body hand in hand, specially goes to the front of intermediary is creditable, tong Dawei bridal spot thankses media comes to bridal spot, still be candy of spot reporter Bao Xi. He divulges two people will not have honeymoon, will take sport with respect to meeting go back to work tomorrow, because marriage banquet infield has personal friend to be in,explain, so inconvenience invites media to enter inside, for this Tong Dawei is in bag of reporter of bridal spot specially distributes happy candy, express apology and acknowledgment. Guan Yue wears white marriage gauze to tighten follow closely to follow Tong Dawei back, 2 people look sweetness dye-in-the-wood, admire evil spirit other people. Tong Dawei and picture of spot of wedding closing Yue

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