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How much does newly-married contraindication know

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In conjugal process, many traditions leave the contraindication of 來 , everybody mights as well consult, need not egregious blind faith.

(One) avoid gets married at ghost month, namely the traditional Chinese calendar July.

(2) avoid got married in June at the traditional Chinese calendar, have the meaning of half moon wife.

(3) when bringing a bed, should put bed place, , avoid and table wardrobe or the pointed horn of any thing are opposite.

(4) newly-married night eve comes after bed is well, accurate bridegroom avoid one 個 person sleeps alone new bed, can look for a large any of the twelve animals to reach minor male child accompany sleep, be like the person that be like dragon.

(5) be engaged that day, no matter weather has much heat, all attending affianced person, not OK fan fan, can have the meaning that break otherwise.

(6) after affianced Wen Dingxi banquet ends, both sides can not say good-bye, can have digamous meaning otherwise.

(7) new a form of address for one's wife marries the dress robe avoid that wore that day has bag opening, lest take away carry of 財 of a married woman's parents' home.

(8) when new a form of address for one's wife leaves a married woman's parents' home, cry more terribly to had been jumped over. Have cry hair cry hair, the meaning that does not cry to be not sent.

(9) marry that day, when the bride goes out, sisters-in-law all wants evasive, cannot send. Because of " aunt " follows " Gu " unisonant, and " of " elder brother's wife sweeps " with " unisonant, ominous.

(10) in marrying road, if encounter additional covey to marry motorcade, call " to be fond of 沖 to be fond of " , the meeting is quits each other blessing portion, so indispensible each other puts firecracker, or exchange flower by bilateral go-between, with dissolving.

(11) marry that day, anybody is not OK new bed of bring into contact with, till in the evening with respect to 寢 . The bride cannot come up against bedside more that day.

(12) marry that day, new a form of address for one's wife cannot lay down, otherwise can one year arrives late the meaning on bed of be laid up.

(13) cry easily because of the child, so the child should ban knot wedding hall, because cry in the auditorium,meet ominous.

(14) auditorium avoid is spent with 鮮, because 鮮 spends easy mix,wither. Only lotus action flower and pomegranate are spent not avoid.

(15) when the bride takes door of the bridegroom's or husband's family, avoid foot steps a doorsill, should want to cross the past.

(16) always the person that the any of the twelve animals belongs to " tiger " or widow, not considerable ceremony and enter bridal chamber.

(Seventeen) new a form of address for one's wife is careful, do not step bridegroom shoe, can have the idea of be ashamed husband.

(18) mothering that day, newlywed must come home at a married woman's parents' home leaving before sunset, cannot stay in pass the night of a married woman's parents' home absolutely. In case special account cannot come home, 2 people of husband and wife should sleep apart, lest hit a married woman's parents' home,your a married woman's parents' home has bad luck.

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