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Ringed is exquisite

One, ring to sexual distinction:

To the man -- , Dai Chun silver-colored ring expresses softhearted, yi Qian with respect to other.

The person that Dai Jinjie points to values an interest relatively, often can have astute business head.

The person that wear emerald jade pays attention to grade quality, play rigorous.

To the lady -- , the person that love pink getting or pink coral, feeling is rich and romantic.

Enthusiasm of the person that love ruby is like fire. The person that love sapphirine or aquamarine, more indrawn and cool.

The person that like emerald or Turkey rock, affection is delicate.

2, the finger that ring wears:

Wear forefinger -- , express to yearn for love

Happy event wear in forefinger person, disposition is more extreme and stubborn.

Ring is worn when forefinger, can show an entire 1 / 2 (wear the 1 / that can see ring only when middle finger, ring finger commonly 3) , can see side especially, suit to have stereo formative ring very much so.

Dai Zhong points to -- , express to had been engaged

The person that be fond of Dai Zaiyou middle finger, advocate middle life idea. The person that be fond of Dai Zaizun middle finger, responsible feeling, take a family seriously.

Can wear larger, have ring of volume move formative. Same model ring, if wear in middle finger, give person calibration type, active sense.

Wear ring finger -- express to had married

Be fond of the person that Dai Zaimo name points to, without ambition, amiable, not plan gain and loss.
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