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Make bridal chamber game 5
Pick ruffian cap

The bride sits up the head of a bed, hold one rolling pin; Bridegroom genuflect at bed end, both hands pulls one washbasin at the top of head. Is bridal bash washbasin breathed out ask " earn money who? " bridegroom answers. . .

Ask 10 questions in all. Final bride says approvingly: "Husband, you will have the home to have the person of the room namely henceforth, hope you get along well, can pick off is buckled in the Xx on your head year long ruffian cap " .

The crow drinks water

This program is revised allegorically according to. The bride sits on the chair, admire on the head, a big boiled water is contained in magnify of look out day, mouth, mouth. A few candy, earthnut is placed on the desk. Bridegroom plays the part of a crow, double arm unbend, bend forward waist 90 degrees, the crow is imitated to cry in the mouth " Gu. . . " , in circling a bride to extend a head to look at bridal mouth one week later, discovery has water, skip livelily one candy is held with the mouth by the desk, skip a bride beside, in throwing candy bridal mouth with the mouth, next volt body drinks a water, go there and back 3 times.

Send a thing

10 common things in the room (for instance tooth brush, lipstick, remote controller) in putting a bag, send this bag guests, to them 30 seconds of times feel these article, let them remember next things that feel more as far as possible. You can prepare two bag, each put 10 same things, send a guest severally next, can accelerate rate so. Write pair of most person triumph.


American prepares this game for PARTY of large give sb a present, prepare a few blank guest to get stuck if really, write in coping on " marriage " is not " of " guest fruit. Each guest is filled on guest fruit card on the name of the gift that they think the bride can be received, after the gift ravels, guests examine a gift and illuminate relatively with what oneself write, if guessed, draw " √ " , if one person guesses 5, perpendicular, horizontal or it is inclined they call " full storehouse " , they are winners.

Move work or material rest 

10 kinds of condiment search in the kitchen, zip with paper respective label, give each condiment bottle number, the condiment application paper of each number correspondence is written down, these condiment bottle is put on tray, send a guest, guests guess what put in each bottle is which kinds of condiment, note the result, after every guest has looked and noting next results, numerate the answer come, guess pair of most people to will be announced to be a winner, goodwife gives this winner a gift make award. There had better be senile woman in this game participant, young woman may feel drab to this kind of game.

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