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Newly-married is troubled by encyclopedia of bridal chamber game
Newly-married is troubled by encyclopedia of bridal chamber game
1. 5 child ascend division -- the tacit understanding that test new personality cooperates each other, look for a red cord, new personality holds each with the mouth, the cigarette that intermediate strung lights, the 5 match that follow upend are put on the desk (can insert on the fruit) next new personality cannot help with the hand, two people collaboration lights 5 match entirely. Clew: Must stretch tight closely cord eye is aimed at.

2. love cup -- the cup like taking 2, amid of full wine lasts on lid of ministry of mouth of a cup film, next speak or sing alternately of 2 cups mouth buckle on slowly take out film, not active hand drinks requirement new personality to buckle two cups of wine that be together together, cannot asperse piece.

Clew: In wanting newlywed person only among them one person pushs cup in a way, another person exerts all his strength simply it is OK to drink.

Treasure of explore of 3. sweet lip -- bridegroom lie low is on 4 chairs, brethren is on the side round look, 8-10 is put on bridegroom body little thing, can be bonbon, jerk and so on, the bride cheats an eye to turn a circle next need not the hand should be used " sweet lip " the little thing that gets on bridegroom body is collected all ready tear open next go eye cloth feeds bridegroom to eat one by one. Clew: Bridegroom can say to the bride, direct her left is nodded or right is nodded.

4. as easy as winking -- two unripe eggs part by bridegroom two trouser are put, upgrade moves and make two eggs at " significant position " hand in can move by another trouser respectively again piece.

The communication of 5. sweetness -- the toffee lump like preparing each 6 color makes the same score bride of deal out bridegroom 12 times to be contained in the mouth in all, ask to cannot help with the hand next the toffee that lets bride and bridegroom present same color finally in the mouth respectively (gules toffee is completely in bridegroom mouth for instance, and ivory toffee is completely in bridal mouth) clew: This game is in again bridal bridegroom each other closes suitably, can stretch mouth to let observation of the other side, the candy that cooperates to need each other each other next " send " in the past.

6. farmer spring is a bit sweet -- prepare bridegroom of one mineral water to stand to use water bottle of leg clamp mineral spring on bench (the place of clip should have supervised) next the bride bites cap to drink to say to mike: "The farmer spring of *** is a bit sweet "

7. bow wave -- the crucial position on bridegroom bride body affixes the persnickety ball that filled air, bind the hand of two people and foot next, both sides can use the mutual extruding of the body and collision only, break balloon, till till both sides all balloons on the body were defeated.

8. make use of every bit of time or space -- a sponge is bound in bridal hip, it is in the middle of its rift is seamed. Perpendicular between the waist of bridegroom bind one banana. Game begins, bridegroom must insert banana into the aperture of sponge. Every are inserted, should the bride ask " in bos " ? Bridegroom replies according to actual condition " in " or " bos " !
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