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Liu Dehua makes public wife status

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Review De Hua of Liu of giant star of the emperor of Japan of musical circle of Hong Kong movie and TV, had gone out to have his moment more than 20 years nowadays, although he acts brilliantly art career success is remarkable, but he is right emotive problem only then treat in order to guard a manner eventually however, even scholar of a lot of experts is commented on; If Liu Dehua makes public him marital status some earlier, the likelihood can break off partial insanity vermicelli made from bean starch people a variety of ultra idea, the practice of the star such as similar Zhang Xueyou! But also medium thinks, underground privacy is to protect song confusing not to make ultra conduct, lie with respect to what resemble dragon makes public marriage and causing Japanese female filmgoer course suicide incident! It is however during both sides is vexed, news media is however in time of near 20 years, the ceaseless marriage that reporting Liu Dehua and Zhu Liqian loves inside information, and Liu heart Hua Zexian front courtyard strolls the persist one's old ways like, now and then self-identity also now and then deny, let the mysterious Mo Ce that this matter reveals even more! However, be in these days coverage of media of Hong Kong news; Liu Dehua and Zhu Liqian are in Hong Kong name of the first line of a couplet on a scroll of Buddhist grand meeting has thing of be apt to, and this Buddhist grand meeting sets strictly; Only consanguineous concern with close kin ability is OK mutual and cosignatory! Of course, this matter is analysed to maintain by news media and social public opinion; This is the wife status that Liu Dehua proves Zhu Liqian first with the action, he has played the sinfonia that makes public him marriage affection!
·· Liu Dehua attends before this successive Hong Kong Buddhist activity of 8 days; Terraqueous law is met, during this; The cella that encloseds ground for growing trees completely in annals lotus discovers the believer of contribution free captive animals is medium, include cosignatory contribution the Liu Dehua of do good works of 10 thousand yuan of free captive animals and Zhu Liqian, their name is paratactic go up in the red paper that shows believer consecrate with Zhang Zhan. News media immediately interviews the controller that annals lotus encloseds ground for growing trees completely, follow to introduce according to relevant controller; Buddhist believer wants two people cosignatory do good works, must be the relative that family perhaps has kin, cannot the relation with the friend is cosignatory! Can say so far; Liu Dehua and Zhu Liqian had been family concern, and be not is relation of friend of so called men and women. The lotus of Buddhist hall annals that says next Hong Kong simply at this point encloseds ground for growing trees completely; Annals lotus clean center is located in Hong Kong road of lotus of annals of hill of 9 dragon diamond 5, the history of fane is long as baronial as building dimensions, no matter be in global all have quite influence! This fane is the earliest only then built 1938, need to what stemmed from social environment 1989 and undertake rebuilding, project last a period of time is divided more than 10 years in all period undertake, include to install old courtyard and hall among them, and outdoor theater and Buddha temple building group wait with special training center. Additional, annals lotus encloseds ground for growing trees completely also is become a monk or nun the house place of female Buddhist nun, any relevant and absorption the female Buddhist nun that become a monk or nun, in annals lotus clean center hangs sheet and all can join buddhist to establish a body.
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