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Woman decision and die fiance marriage

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Woman decision and die fiance marriage (group plan) Alone Li Li is very firm Zhao Yu / photograph

  If goosefoot multitudes

Someone once said such doing to because dare not accept actual gift,I am, but I however not so think. I am thinking namely how can his tarry, I once had asked civil administration bureau, register now already washed-up; And the desire that I think to take a baby to him also comes true not know clearly, so marry!

   News background

"He just 30 years old ah! Be about to become next month bridegroom! " on November 14 18 when make 40 minutes, the Changchun City overlooks a river street and power sea route falls meeting point, jobber Liu Hong Bin just came out from the home, when preparing across driveway to see a client, be bumped to fly by a coach that gallop and comes, and cause trouble coach does not have decelerate, swiftly ground runninged, invalid death of rescue of classics of Liu big Bin. Family offer a reward searchs eyewitness 20 thousand yuan.

■ reporter mark is strong / report

Ask worldly feeling why content, teach photograph of person life and death to make continuously. 16 days, our newspaper reported year only because Hong Bin of Liu of stock market elite encounters traffic accident dies, cause trouble car escapes, family offer a reward searchs eyewitness be related 20 thousand yuan. Liu Hongbin's wedding is in surely originally next month, and now he however the be apart of fiancee yin and yang with oneself. However, liu Hongbin's fiancee the decision that made let everybody be astonished for it -- she should marry, bridegroom is Liu Hongbin. And make a person more of anxious is, after wedding, family still will be Liu Hongbin to hold funeral.

When skyline land part has end, it is lovesickness only endless place

Tie hair is husband and wife, doubt of conjugal love neither.

Joyous amusement is in today evening, when parting forever with gentleman.

Gentleman conceives remote region today, remove the how that inspect night.

Ginseng celestial bodies already all was done not have, go from now on demit.

Alone gentleman goes alone, this is not had no period.

Handclasp one deep sigh, the tear makes a living fasten grow.

Love Chun Hua hard, when still writing down joy.

Unripe when answer will return, die to be thought of when appearance.

"You look, the eyes that he sees me is how tender! " yesterday, the reporter saw fiancee king of Liu Hongbin multitudes, filled up with in her house she and the marriage gauze that Liu Hongbin pats are illuminated, her unexpectedly " gladly " the marriage gauze that reveals these sweetness to must make popular feeling painful to the reporter is illuminated. However now, it is the associate of a pair of love that is about to set foot on red carpet originally, after the nightmare that experienced a traffic accident, the two people that love each other unexpectedly be apart of yin and yang. The temperature that is less than him also feels again in control, also did not have again beside lean close solidly...

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