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Father marries father and son of bridal son filling wedding two place bridal reg

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Place marriage banquet with day to father and son

Two pairs of new personality step into bridal hall. Reporter Luo Wei is photographed

Guangxi news network - dispatch of Nanning of austral morning paper (reporter Luo Wei) on November 18, gentleman of guest person contented is in Nanning city some guesthouse placed 60 desks " 3 happy event face the door " banquet, wide the bridal regale that invited close friends to witness a having sth new jointly.

Contented gentleman is right " 3 happy event " made the introduction. One happy event is, the old father that is oneself sought an old partner; 2 happy event are, round the marriage gauze dream of the wife; 3 happy event are, new residence of Nanning of move to a better place or have a promotion.

Contented gentleman says, he loses a mother 3 years old, skill of its father Tao Xiancao them 5 sibling drag is big. Sibling gets married severally, the old male relative of a senior generation that goes 83 years old solitary. Contented gentleman breaks lay idea, prevail over all dissenting views, old Ms. Li Jiang that matched 53 years old and knot of its father happy event manage repeatedly. Contented gentleman says, in those days because the home is poor, eldest brother suffers from ovine insane mad, 2 elder brother contract eye disease. To help two eldest brother, he walks along Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hunan, do obeisance to division to learn a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

Contented gentleman leaves in and other places of Beijing, Nanning now have a company, double bumper harvest of family and career. He says, when marrying 1983, be in rural economics personally short of money, its wife Huang Mei borrows a kilogram of rice only to him, 6 eggs marry decoct she enters contented gate, oneself did not cross marriage gauze and be troubled Yu Huai. Take the advantage of the chance that for its this father runs wedding, husband and wife two also fill do finish marriage ceremony, the wife became round marriage gauze dream. Contented gentleman still speaks of, as economy improve, he purchased the new home of a 300 much square metre again in Nanning, built the bridal chamber of lukewarm Qing elegance for oneself and old father husband and wife.

The reporter is witnessed, no matter the father old a surname of contented gentleman is to be in marriage those who celebrate a company make up, still be in bridal spot, often stretch his hand pulling river of bridal Chen Li, and smilingly ground says: "She is not quite talktive, she is as actually glad as me, I know. I know..

Know contented gentleman looks for oneself and old partner, wife to fill for old father the good news that does wedding to do regale together, far come round to congratulate in many good friends of and other places of Beijing, Shanghai and business associate. On feast, their hair praises contented gentleman from inner ground lift touchingly: Make an old person old be accompanied somewhat, spend happy, happy old age; For its wife oneiromancy, make a family more harmonious.

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