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Fairy tale world, two people are created jointly

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Early morning, you wake me up,
Receive the first sunlight of Chu Qiu jointly

You let me hit water,
Discover pail however already by cram of a bundle of big wild flower. Dew still is nodded a bit above.
Stopping is to touch.

Going is deciduous leaf completely forest on canal,
Lark sings euphonicly,
Far not as good as your grave organ so make me infatuate.

Below corridor bridge, a pair of an affectionate couple are asleep leisurely lie-in.
Your dub my bazoo is pointed: You love to sleep like them.

By the side of pond of carry on one's shoulder, two butterfly are in play.
My desire stretchs his hand go catching, be checked by you

Squashy pumpkin is reflexing dawn, a bit dazzling.
I let you extinguish street lamp.

On the wooden chair that takes in roadside small rest,
Bath is worn downy dawn, what place oneself spends is marine, be spent sweet surround.
Sweet, happy.

Just, the swan of beautiful nobility,
You why solitary?

We take the sailing boat that pass in all yesterday,
Was blown to leave a bank by wind,
Drift alonely on the lake.

That is our home, with respect to forwardly.
And I, halted a footstep.

What first sun rays in the morning helps my reflection is very long, on the side, without you.
Without your company, all these, it is fairy tale only. . . . .

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