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Chinese marriage is average cost is amounted to 560 thousand
Marry after all to want how to many money spend? Investigate the newest data that statistical center publishs according to Chinese marriage industry, in our country town, if calculate,go up the cost that purchases bridal chamber and new car, every are used at conjugal expenditure to be as high as 560 thousand yuan on average to new personality. And the Hua Dong area that is a representing with Shanghai, it is the area with highest cost of our country marriage more.     

Do not calculate do not know, calculate frighten jump. Marry, how can you have such high economy cost?

The 2006-2007 that conference organizing committee makes Chinese marriage gain " countrywide marriage consumption investigates questionnaire " , reclaimed in all nearly 60 thousand effective questionnaire. This statistical data that investigates questionnaire makes clear, in our country town, marry to want on average to cost 560 thousand yuan. With marry relevant consumption includes: Marriage gauze photography, marriage celebrates headgear of formal attire of gauze of banquet of service, marriage, marriage, gem, buy a house, new residence is decorated, furniture of new residence home appliance, new residence, honeymoon travels, new car.  

With the whole nation average level looks, new personality is buying a house one went up to cost 330 thousand yuan. Consumption of new residence of area of north of its Chinese and Western is least, it is 150 thousand yuan; China north area is most, it is 360 thousand yuan. New residence is decorated it is 50 thousand yuan on average, and the average level that home appliance, furniture consumes is in 10 thousand yuan of above.

Divide outside building domestic place to need the new residence things that acquire and new residence are decorated, the service that new personality marriage chooses and product order are ordinal for: Marriage gauze photographs (the new personality of 85.63% films marriage gauze is illuminated) , marriage banquet serves (the new personality of 78.74% holds marriage dinner in wine shop) , bridal service, honeymoon travels and buy marriage gauze.

Statistic shows, if produce this consumption, every are as follows roughly to the consumptive structure of new personality: It is newly-married consumption, add up to 139557 yuan. Specific include 3484 yuan to film marriage gauze is illuminated, marry gem headgear 5577 yuan, marriage gauze formal attire 2007 yuan, marriage Qing Liyi 7610 yuan, wedding breakfast (do not contain wine water) 20480 yuan, new residence decorates 56998 yuan, honeymoon travels 9227 yuan, electric home appliancesFace those who be as high as 560 thousand yuan to marry cost, a website was made " a lot of cities that whether you think to be in China marry cost is too high " investigation. Share 8054 people to participate in investigation, the result shows: The person of 81.62% thinks " marry cost is too high " , 16.07% think " it is OK to still calculate, marrying is the work with an expensive expenditure originally " , only the person of 2.31% feels " not tall, I can bear completely " .
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