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Dalian street shows luxurious and bridal motorcade to be continuous close kilome

Bank city yesterday shows luxurious marriage motorcade

Bridegroom bride drives Z4 of a gules BMW oneself, car of Lincoln of lengthen of a few white follows from the back, laosilaisi and 10 red racing bike tighten red of a wine after therewith, the left and right sides has ten jeep convoy... this exceeds luxurious bridal motorcade to appear vast and mightily yesterday in DalianClick examine Dalian and more city weather forecastStreet, motorcade is continuous nearly one kilometer, setting is very grand, bring so that many passerby stop in succession watch.

Dalian street shows luxurious and bridal motorcade to be continuous close kilometre (graph)

Controlled 9:20 yesterday morning, xi'an of sanded bayou areaClick examine Xi'an and more city weather forecastWay nature promotes Luo Sifu C before day of shake of gong and drum, the firework is put together, the lion with one Jin Yiyin glisten both ends follows a drumbeat to rhythm ground is waved, offend so that around dweller and passerby come round in succession add trouble to. However, more those who make them amazed is berth in the luxurious marriage motorcade all round. "This domestic marriage true ostentation and extravagance! " surround view masses to comment in a low voice in succession, lincoln of lengthen of a few white and gules BMW racing bike halted a market full, also look " dizzy " the masses all round. "See collect of Lincoln of so much lengthen is together for the first time. " one professes to surname of king surround the person that watch to sigh with emotion, "Marry commonly the home has (lengthen Lincoln) pretty good! "Marry commonly the home has (lengthen Lincoln) pretty good!!

"(bride) when coming, those who sit is that the oldest car... " " see an eye " the person that the lady points to is worn big jeep of lengthen of Lincoln of a white tells a reporter.

Controlled 9:50, in firecracker sound, bridegroom bride appears beamingly before the building. Letting those who surround the accident that watch a person is, this a pair of new personality did not ascend Lincoln big jeep afresh, however the BMW Z4 racing bike that him bridegroom is driving a red, carrying a bride, guiding marriage motorcade vast and mighty direction of square of sea of star of edge Zhongshan direction sails. Reporter also immediately is taken among them Lincoln of a lengthen, follow motorcade to advance.

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