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The bridal bridal chamber in the earthquake is tent

On May 24, in fierce area east in a tent of outskirt highway edge, one goes up from big board of the borrowed on building site, simple shakedown is worn bedding. Tent is occupied by this piece of bed almost full, do not have any furniture again

This is the bridal chamber of star of truckman Li Gong.

Star of original Li Gong prepares to married on May 15, the earthquake of an arise suddenly, make wedding is laid aside. The building in home of bridal stone red also was collapsed by shake completely.

A few days ago, the course discusses, this wedding that defers because of the earthquake, held on May 24 surely. Although still cannot live in the room, but tent is bridal chamber. Although the building of bridal a married woman's parents' home collapsed completely, but there still is a bride in tent awaiting bridegroom.

Li Linlin says accurate mother-in-law of 48 years old: "Living in tent, do not fear earthquake. " accurate farther-in-law says: "Although earthquake, but the wedding day of child cannot be missed. But the wedding day of child cannot be missed..

8 are being stuck " have mutual affinity " red-letter car, carrying love, cross fierce the tent with secret street corner, go receiving the sweetness in the earthquake in the tent of home of bride of village of home of stone of town of the area just outside a city gate.

Go much not further, encounter additionally two teams to receive bridal motorcade. Just gave the city zone, encounter a motorcade that receives a bride again.

Aftershock still is in, the life of the person austral Gansu continues in calm.

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