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Shanxi complaints rose wedding car wedding "Changing Faces" to cause problems
Couples married, how can luxury cars had less luster. But the wedding from the provincial associations and the Provincial Association of Complaints Center statistics show that: the past two months, the rise rate of the wedding complaints this year than last year, up 20% over the same period, of which complaints about the wedding car rental increased by 50 over last year %. New car for old cars, wedding car late, the temporary breach of contract, are the focus of new complaints. The private cars as wedding car is one of the main reasons. Wedding day, wedding car set has changed "the face" October-November each year is an unusual month, shop girl who lives in Taiyuan, the choice of caregiver's day in October of this year held their wedding ceremony. "At the time set starts with the wedding car worth 1.8 million vehicles, the Phaeton, followed by 10 pairs of door sports car." Caregiver said: "The wedding car was her husband from the car rental companies rent at high prices. The day, waiting in the hotel style door to friends and relatives who witnessed the cars is another to see some scenarios: bike import version of the Phaeton is not only late, and even there the car body mud idea, looks like an extended version of the Pago Sartre. with a few more cars in the back, also seems to mark up the temporary paste. clearly that good even before the wedding car, open the scene was odd. " "For the wedding car scrappage, temporary breach of contract, and we are a headache! Wedding Association to help new car, but also through the car rental company." Shanxi Province, Ma Wenge Wedding Association president, said: "eleven" before and after, he helped a couple from the wedding car wedding car rental company to contact, and said good morning and 6:00 to groom, and then pick the bride off to Yuci. "Wedding day, I heard that car drivers have to drive to Yuci, Taiyuan, will increase the money out immediately. We find company contact person, the person said: car is private, the other side want to go, he has no way . " Private car when the wedding car, causing more problems Wedding Services Association reporter learned from the province, new rental car, currently mainly in the following ways: wedding etiquette, company, wedding car rental sites, bikers club, car sales 4S shop. Car ago, often with the new company to sign a "wedding car rental contract," which promised that if default will be "1 +1" compensation, but many businesses are acquaintances, and if the situation occurred that day, we will not be too care about. President Ma also mentioned that the couple encountered many cases of black car, sign the agreement is useless, because they no company, no business license. Generally is from memory to the new look car rental company provides car, wedding day, met new car clunkers situation is helpless. Some modification of the extended car is a black card, checked the road is easy, even detained, will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of late. Implementation of "professional sign service vehicles" Management is imperative "In fact, when the wedding car of private cars, has been commonplace in the industry. New wedding etiquette, whether by the company or the bikers club, which may have to rent a car." President Ma said that because the vehicle is not in the trade management departments for the record rent a car, leasing is usually only an oral agreement the two sides, which led to an accident occurs, the responsibility of the parties concerned is difficult to draw. "In fact, from the beginning of the year, Dalian has been through a number of means to carry out wedding car 'service vehicle signs professionals' management, Shanxi has not yet implemented, so the wedding car this year, complaints rose by 50% over last year." President Ma said. President Ma also reminded to prepare the new car, engaged the vehicles, signed a contract with the format of the wedding contract, the project to carefully examine their own consumption, it is best handled through formal services. "The proposed wedding in Shanxi for a series of product management, new media want to promote awareness of consumer rights. Meanwhile wedding car to centralized management, unified leasing, fair price (not follow the market), the implementation of the relevant departments and satellite positioning for married couples know whereabouts of the car and license plate number of the wedding car to facilitate the management of the Unified. "
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