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Ride elephant marriage

Ride elephant marriage

Bridegroom bride is riding elephant to set out, greet close team to beat gong play the drum all the way.

On January 29, 2005 afternoon, jing Hong city wears Dai dress to new personality, riding elephant parade sb through the streets to marry, greet close team to beat gong play the drum all the way, lively and extraordinary bring so that tourist of China and foreign countries and citizen stop in succession watch.

Double edition accept is an oasis that puts only on current the Tropic of Cancer on the west, also be the place that our country only has an Asia to resemble. Long-term since, the masses of border area every nationality that the life is here pays attention to zoology environmental protection, person and natural harmony get along, the feel uncertain that strike gong rides elephant the new style that marriage of parade sb through the streets makes Jing Hong's citizen have distinguishing feature alone.

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