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The collocation of formal attire and marriage shoe

When accurate bride is preparing wedding, did not forget to prepare a pair of beautiful shoes. Because be in daylong wedding, a pair of comfortable, appropriate shoes cannot be ignored absolutely.

Shoe is the substantial that the bride shapes integral image

New the fashionable tide of one season makes clear, the shoe that damask makes face and leather even still diamond matchs just is most of In. A lot of moment can introduce bridal shoe the thin silk of Li person, silk material that feels high, and the design of marriage shoe still adds popular element this year, if golden pink, gush draws the use of the material such as cloth of the colour that reach unreal, the effect innovates, the feeling is trendier.

The marriage shoe of gauze of tie-in and Western-style marriage, had better be color of white of white, argent, rice, pearl, ablaze pink the color that these light color move, these but the color of joker can match the marriage gauze formal attire of a variety of color. Aculeate embroider is like to be able to show your decorous grade more on vamp.

If want to change sexier clothing on bridal bender or ball, so, the satin weave shoe that does not show toe is appropriate did not pass, small high-heeled shoes is the optimal choice when dancing. Also can try set the shoe money that has gem, elegant adornment and the bridal set each other off that wear beautiful marriage gauze are unripe brightness. Can match cable length of a crystal foot, this kind deserves to act the role of can make you look more attractive.

In addition, the comfortable sex of marriage shoe is very important also. Must not for beautiful and have a hell of life allowing a foot.

Chinese style formal attire and shoe

In Chinese style wedding, shoe also cannot be ignored. General metropolis grows the Chinese style ceremonial robe or dress that new a form of address for one's wife wears to instep, shoe won't be very conspicuous, but should become a perfect bride, still want to note shoe, because be very possible when fluctuation stair, when walking, shoe came out with respect to can casual dew. If be in be seen the shoe does not deserve at this moment the garment, so, no matter your clothes and hat dresses up how, integral figure can sell at a discount greatly.

Suit the marriage shoe of Chinese style formal attire, with expecting is bright red more velvet or it is gules brocade. Those embroider wear what there is aureate floret on Longfeng and the shoe of double happiness and red plush to come back beautiful shoe is to wear a cheongsam of the bride love most.

Red is the first selection of the bride that Chinese style dresses up, the pattern that has chromatic embroidery can appear more elegant. It can add color for classic cheongsam. Still can decide to choose according to the depth of color of marriage gauze, formal attire dark red, bright red or the shoe that is pink.

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