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The bride holds a flower in both hands to have exquisite

It is when feminine lifetime is the the brightest, most beautiful when putting on marriage gauze. Pardonable every bride nots hesitate spend money like water should pack this one time United States annulus is beautifully Huan, glorious takes a person. Be in what this should remind is, choose marriage gauze meticulously when the bride while, be sure to does not ignore the choice that holds a flower in both hands, suit you because of a bundle hold a flower in both hands, a day of this when can make you the most important in life real ground " perfect " .

The flower is happy life is indicative, the time that means aromatic happiness has begun, come from this meaning say, the bride holds a flower in both hands is to have cultured very much.

It is the bride holds a flower in both hands to should choose exterior firstly elegant spirit is beautiful and colourful flower. Rose of such as general, lily, gladiolus wait to give priority to a flower, reelection compares little, pattern to be all over the sky imperceptibly with blade star, dancing girl orchid, tall travel, Tian Dong spend as line, make red green have both, size is suitable.

It is the bride holds beautiful pattern in both hands to answer secondly the set off of bodily form photograph with the bride. Pattern basically has come down in torrents model, curved month, round appearance of spherical, triangle equality. Usually, the bride with slender figure, can use curved month model or the circle holds a flower in both hands spherically, will mediate with horizontal color line vertical sensory; figure relatively dumpy bride, had better hold a bundle of come down in torrents in both hands model bouquet, the bride of with enhancing the sensory; of perpendicular parallax figure thin and small, appropriate holds the bride with the pattern; medium height of small colonies in both hands, can hold in both hands on trigonometry bouquet, such meetings add the elegant demeanour of a few minutes of colourful beauty.

It is the bride holds beautiful design and color in both hands to answer to be coordinated with the color photograph of marriage gauze thirdly. If wear pink marriage gauze, if the flower; that should choose the quietly elegant light color such as jade green, yellow wears white marriage gauze, criterion the flower of appropriate choosing red, purple or orange, achieve thunder-and-lightning, set each other off to be born thereby brightness artistic effect.

Its 4 it is the import that the bride boosts a flower to notice to beautiful choice its are festival and lucky even. If pick 5 ungual a surname (accompany) , ivy (marry) , Mai Zao (union is together) and compositive bouquet, its implied meaning is: The fate brings lovers together of conjugal love knot, respect in all all one's life.

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