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How had become to weigh duty a matron of honour
One, dress of a matron of honour: Cannot wear pure Hei Hechun to be attended in vain absolutely (formal attire also won'ts do) ; Although cream-colored is good-looking, but also avoid as far as possible, a matron of honour that the wedding that attends because of me is pleasant to the eye to wear cream-colored dress appears very dejected (knowing is too tired really) , and bright-coloured color admires especially pink is OK more lining holds festive atmosphere in the palm, mix when celebration white gauze is very tie-in, still have a bit: Make new personality OK arrive soon from inside the crowd you! (this very important when new personality proposes a toast You! )

2, working hours of a matron of honour: It is before wedding one evening arrives commonly bridal home and she prepares together, until the following day luncheon ends, about 20 hours or so. (ah, the physical strength that do not have a dot still maintains no less than coming really)

3, flow of work of a matron of honour (the most important segment)

1, the note that seeks job of concerned a matron of honour on the net and bridal flow, note, accomplish know fairly well to bridal process (regrettablly, the reference material that gives a matron of honour is too little, I can be to have experience greatly, just was born so the article... )

2, with time of face of bridal business definite opinion and accommodation place and hotel location (knock before marriage one week calm)

3, report to bridal home on time, along with the bride preparation still lacks goods (what go up like the head is land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another) , arrange place a little possibly even, can see bridegroom and partner man are best. Must notice to be communicated more right now, the bride is already busy dizzy, but a matron of honour should regain consciousness, the thing that asks this preparation more prepares to be done not have completely, stage of the candy of happy smoke, happy event, false wine when proposing a toast, female guest that scatters leaf, male guest of the bamboo that choose artillery piece, champagne, candlestick has been done not, acoustics has tried to do not have, chair contact again not... do not think new personality is met learn all things, regard their wedding as oneself, from begin to enter a part, everybody expects successful after all wedding. If conditional, certain proposal people of a new type is in on-the-spot drilling, when they practice, imagine oneself into follow at the back, in the drilling in brain.

4, side bride wears marriage gauze again in the evening, it is a matron of honour is familiar with clad process, 2 it is to give a bride to search seek a perception. When wearing, had better be in marriage gauze underlay a cloth, because chafe,prevent to make marriage galloon electrostatic the dirt that attracts the ground to go up.

5, before supervisory bride sleeps, water quantity, remind a bride to sleep early. Before sleeping, go up be troubled by a bell, what should use east east classification is placed in obvious point.
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