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Dream of round princess of bride of coronate of SWAROVSKI crystal coronal
SWAROVSKI(of Austrian crystal brand applies strange) of world of China the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, rolled out bridal series to act the role of at Taiwan last year article, join marry adorn taste battlefield, its delicate and glaring crystal coronet also has his moment accidentally, allow the bride of dreams of many princess thinking a circle, have coronet to commemorate as lifetime. And the ablaze dangler with white necessary gauze of collocation be regardinged as, necklace, because of solid take a sex tall, also attract group of bridal relatives and friends to buy; this season SWAROVSKI advocate make series of swallow formative Eternal, special a crystal is set in swallow abdomen, delegate " unripe be born not to cease " .


The Entwined coronet of elegant wave line.

In recent years accurate bride has definite idea more and more to modelling, the person that may not can accept marriage gauze job offers deserve to act the role of, be willing to buy the price to hold high as gem from dig down instead, also still crystal act the role ofing tastes dazzling SWAROVSKI, make SWAROVSKI extend a bridal series, especially coronet design is decorous and easy, enchase crystal for flower or blade totem more, perfect and as tie-in as head gauze, consequently wide welcome.


Coronet of Confetti flower form

Swallow take along sth to sb comes 囍 dispatch

Entwined coronet has new fund beautiful wave line, set crystal and crystal pearl closely, more show refined.

The crystal pearl necklace of headgear Eternal series, with 3 swallow adornment, abdomen hangs down hang sheet crystal and indicative unripe be born not to cease, with evening of face of damask of series stock plait the banquet is wrapped, let a bride match whole set, because design is multivariate, include the mom of new personality, a matron of honour, can carry act the role of eligibly article.


Coronal of Cosmos crystal head designs concise good collocation

Gauze of purificatory and advanced marriage

The advanced marriage gauze that DANIEL SWAROVSKI of top class series rolls out manual tailor more than 80 hours, decorative pattern of crystal net cloth is decorated all the way outspread to skirt 襬 extreme, and cervical and detachable rose dropping acts the role of the crystal net cloth below, by famous panache labour lane Lemarie is finished, gauntlet of again tie-in lambskin, very expensive gas. Nevertheless DANIEL SWAROVSKI Taiwan was not sold, need special order make.


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