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"China is red " the peak of poetic perfection of marriage gauze
What kind of marriage gauze does when marrying, preparation wear? That still is used ask, it is white marriage gauze for certain. The marriage gauze that tries red how?

The China with colourful Jing is red, changed you to choose the think of a way of white marriage gauze? 08 marriage gauze of the Chinese is bestowed favor on newly, absolutely beautiful China is red. 08 fashionable arena " prosperous " begin, gules all the time since it is the delegate color with traditional festival Chinese style, associate harder together with international vogue it seems that. Appearing at 08 Chun Xia fashionable dress widely however after T stage, gules this unrest has spread to marriage gauze formal attire. China is red, suddenly change one's identity becomes the popular colour of gauze of marriage of this one season.

[sense organ]

Strong visual sense shakes

China is red the color of skin that suits Oriental female very much, can let a person show the visual result with colourful Jing, can reveal distinctive self-confidence and expression more. Revive " China is red " the flower that the fine gauze that unreal changes, sexy fur and all the different kind bloom. Contain the red of fluorescent feeling, resemble the neon lamp in the festival euqally gorgeous and clinking, the colour of tall lightness brings a person intense visual shock and modern sense.

The bride that wearing gauze of gules and fashionable marriage, blossomming enthusiastic and festival ray, sure meeting Jing is colourful 4. China is red, fashionable marriage gauze of Rangbenji complies with 08 China fashionable bound to make the trend of native land vogue not only, more appear feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood.


Wan Rechu of match well of Chinese and Western is unripe

The clipping with Chinese chic style is joined medium an element with the west, make China red this one traditional colour if new student, coruscate goes out to never have the beautiful Li Guangmang that pass and Great Master air.

China is red plant in this namely traditional, elegant, look in be like ordinary design to be in snow ground like low-key flower however stealthily smell head comes, accumulate containing those who not allow to despise is exalted; See the color of the quadrature in the compasses in be like, resemble the hand that the god of artistic Great Master comes to however. So old, new personality is wearing marriage gauze of the west to enter marital hall all the time, chinese element is short of apparently break, this has to say is a regret.

A lot of new personality had had the strong desire that returns to a tradition to marriage gauze and wedding now, especially 2008 is an Olympic Games year, the look of the whole world is cast to China, hope to get on marriage gauze and bridal bake in a pan " China imprints " , reveal Chinese element in the round on festival wedding.
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