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How does the bridegroom on wedding dress up
In wedding that day, bridegroom always serves as bridal greenery it seems that and exist. And listen to me to analyse: Contemporary wedding has 3 objectives basically, the first, for the parent's face; The 2nd, to reclaim so old the red package that sends out; The 3rd, for the princess complex in every girl heart -- you look, do not have bridegroom at all what thing, they are the vases that look like leading role, be just like look " 007 " , country young woman and state heart drawing talent is true hotspot, as to Bond it is Keleige or Bruce south, not matter actually, as to the clue more not matter, because each collect is same, resemble wedding, each are same -- this word is a bridal emcee " 100 + " say with me.


Of course, it is the job that Bond has to have Bond, besides decorous outside oneself hero thought, more important is, whole journey cooperates country young woman to give colour to go up. Then, take off when country young woman when one changes, mr Bond always cannot defend his machine-made suit and shirt.

Week star the words are still ringing in one's ears: Of walk-on is not a person! Visible, bridegroom also has professional morality. The first, you cannot sloppily dressed give this bridal blacken sb's name; The 2nd, you cannot be worn too the field of fairy tale gas that friend gram destroys a princess; The 3rd, you must decide according to bridal dress what you wear, achieve finally with this is about to change body young elder brother's wife the girl the harmonious atmosphere that is dominant.

Regretful is, a lot of bridegroom fails to accomplish these, at least their play is taken and female very do not match.

Business suit is sure body wanting an amount is custom-built

Contemporary and bridal, the freedom that bridegroom formal attire chooses is spent bigger, traditional collocation is daily expense formal attire (for instance swallowtail) formal perhaps business suit. Most bridegroom is not willing it seems that oneself " into play too deep " , chose business suit so. In fact, the bride can have 3 clotheses commonly on wedding, formal attire of marriage gauze, Chinese style and fashionable dress, correspondence also should have 3 to bridegroom body, but very regretful, most bridegroom is a business suit maintains a day, gathered up business suit to show a shirt when propose a toast at most. Good, should be transform social traditions, this also it doesn't matter is bad, but with respect to this one business suit, still have very much exquisite. "100 + " divulge, he chaired 8 wedding first half of the year, only the quantity has something made to order the suit of a bridegroom personally, "Someone else is in bazaar the flower is bought thousands of pieces hundreds of completely cover brand-new with respect to count. " but business suit this thing, want those who have something made to order to measure a body namely since ancient times. A dress stylist tells us, if the standard is rigid, business suit does not suit make it hand-me-down to sell. "Why can the Chinese wear business suit rarely pretty? Buying ready-made clothes because of everybody namely, length was opposite, width is incorrect, width was opposite, arm gives an issue again. If you bought very fit Western-style clothes by chance, can say you this only lucky. " look bridegroom pulls bridal hind leg always on bridal visual effect, business suit is one of reasons.
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