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The love of man of cheesy bridegroom formal attire is enunciative

A lot of bridegroom can have such feeling: New a form of address for one's wife becomes the protagonist of whole wedding, and oneself became dye-in-the-wood... only male supporting rule. Actually, bridegroom also can be enjoyed together with the bride change the fun of the body. Change Yu Jingzhong of dance of various formal attire coming back when the woman, the man also can try look look to cover on of different formal attire oneself, can appear how many kinds of different pattern.

In wedding, marriage banquet or it is spousal go up, wearing formal formal attire to be able to say is to plant accepted formal. Some bridegrooms can replace formal attire with business suit, should not actually formal, and as luxuriant as the bride white gauze formal attire also does not take line.

There are 3 kinds about in more familiar formal attire pattern commonly, attribute main fund, also have getting model or it is the style that tries to change on other design, but still do not take off 3 kinds of basic formal attire sort.

This is the commonnest, the formal attire that can decorate a figure most is phyletic, characteristic is before short hind long, predecessor length and at lumbar border, place after spin, can show slender double leg, have the effect of contractive girth. As a result of photography effect beautiful, be most the design of formal attire of male be an official that constant dress films at marriage gauze.

Of ceremonial robe or dress of swallow end style wear a law formally, it is coat, trousers, shirt, the vest on collocation and scarf.

Call British gent formal attire again, it is 3 kinds of formal attire in a most formal kind, characteristic is coat clipping those who be grace is clipper-built, was full of aristocratic feeling, accordingly, suit to scroll is enraged relatively or be the bridegroom dress with integral good temperament.

Of morning formal attire wear a law formally, it is coat, shirt, trousers, tie-in vest and cravat.

Also have person for princely style ceremonial robe or dress, as a result of not as good as swallowtail and morning formal attire are formal, and film the effect also is inferior to swallowtail; Accordingly, it is partner man to be being worn when spousal more commonly, characteristic is clipping sets dispute to be similar to business suit, comfortable fit capable person is relatively poor expensive bridegroom dress.
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