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Common sense of collocation of shirt of bridegroom business suit
One, shirt money want to distinguish. When formal circumstance deserves to wear business suit or ceremonial robe or dress, should choose wear inside wear model shirt; The shirt is worn inside jacket or Chinese tunic suit when, less than is worn model best, inside and outside holds concurrently wear model take second place. Make appearance apparel only when the shirt when, wear outside model or inside and outside holds concurrently wear model it is properer choice.

   2, normal circumstance should wear white shirt or light color shirt, match with brunet business suit and cravat, in order to show grave.

   3, shirt-sleeve should grow a centimeter or so than business suit arm, this reflects the arrangement that gives an outfit already, what can maintain business suit cuff again is clean.

   4, when dress of shirt collocation cravat (deserve to wear business suit no matter) , must mix collarband button, sleeve link ministry of sleeve * Niu Quan is buckled on, in order to show the man's tigidity and strength.

   5, the size of neckband, the soft volume that points to in order to fill in into a hand is advisable. Collarband of You Ji of neck fine better is too big, can give a person frail sense otherwise.

   6, when fastening cravat to deserve to wear business suit, a button that shirt collarband is in cannot be buckled absolutely on, and the button on placket must be buckled entirely on, can appear too informal otherwise with devoid accomplishment.

   7, When deserving to wear business suit, the lap avoid of the shirt is worn it is besides waist of trousers, such meetings give a person the nondescript, the feeling of insufficient grade; Conversely, can make person more appear spirit enlivens, be full of self-confidence.

   8, the shirt that should choose model of the lap that wear music as far as possible, facilitate lap assist enters waist of trousers already inside, make dress comfortable again, lumbar buttock place is smooth take beautiful.

   9, outside wear model shirt avoid is worn inside any coat (especially business suit) , prevent a person with overstaffed, disharmonious feeling.

   10, normal short sleeve shirt can deserve to wear cravat to appear at formal circumstance. This gets used to climate environment already, do not break man disposition again.

   11, The shirt that buys newly, after needing catharsis, wear again, what exist possibly is smudgy in producing a course with eliminate, ensure the cleanness when close-fitting dress is wholesome.

   12, the shirt should wash the man frequently to be changed frequently, the person that wear dirty collar shirt, can give a person irresponsible ill will.

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