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What bridegroom must master on wedding is formal

Bridegroom, bride is the leading role of the of course on wedding, it is guest people the central issue that the look notes, whether can be whole wedding finished smoothly, satisfactorily, deciding the guest is right impression of bridegroom, bride how, the ceremony that attends in wedding because of this bridegroom, bride is proper special and important, besides above outer watch, dress deserves to act the role of constructional attention beyond, make great efforts in ceremonially even.

Appearance wears outfit: Does ⑿ of umbrella of Lv of  of Yu of salary Gan pay attention to walk on cook of ⒁ of Mo  Lian aning enclosure for storing grain to go is fact of Hui  moisture in the soil protected by  does ⑿ of  dirty plum stop  does  of  of Ji of pilfer of postscript of beard of ┪ of muddleheaded of word of tip of Lv of P of ⅰ of avarice of Piao of 3 order Lang walk on ┗ of Mo word muddleheaded?

Greet guest to entertain a guest: Does Lv umbrella ⑿ walk on obstruct of cadmium κ breed to sail Zhu of Gua of ⒂ of ㄋ   bends over does planning  emerge does the leg make fun of Chinese toon of  Huan unlined upper garment to subtle leg of flavour  Huan says to chew a word to shelter does θ offend  of only group of Lv Tuo Xing to appear a bluff  ⑹ illicit of leg of bud of comfortable barium an ancient type of spoon?

Conversational josh:

Sit stand walk: Does Huan admire loftying Lou to kill expostulate with of  of baric cut down to remove  of flavour of click of the tongue of grey  of  of ⑸ rare  to admire ⒔ of caries  nine not basketry does fleeing χ of  of the  that protect  protect Ji of  of  ash  to shake  Qiu to hold cane bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase high to bow with hands clasped to  E to catch  suddenly fierce Ling generation? Does ⒁ of  of  of Lu of dark blue of fan Hu outskirt an enclosure for storing grain well yo of the Mi that rip person?
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