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How to make a cheesy and handsome groom

Do a cheesy and handsome bridegroom to begin from now!

Handsome block hard

(One) hair

A: Day of Yi Xie? should be cut hair, if want marcel, 7 before coming 10 days, should be ironed, lest the flavour of marcel liquid medicine and marcel mark stay on hair.

B: still time looks for a person to do sth for sb in barber shop.

C: Model? of Xie of  of Guo of ⒁ of  of tip of fan of boil envy male Lv the month should begin to nurse, can buy a few go the shampoo of scurf is used, wash Wen Shui should be used when hair, finger tummy should be used when massaging, cannot exert oneself to do sth. chaos is caught absolutely, after be being washed clean, use towel to wipe the hair, if need blower to blow,work, must maintain a distance the head is blown 15 centimeters with gentle wind.

D: Yue of Qiao Ren tip carries carboxyl  illuminate? of ぁ of humble of ν of Ci of bucket of  of Qiao of cangue of plum of Sou of  of Xi of ⒑ favor Po presses) gently with finger abdomen, also have the effect that improves scurf. Bergamot, tea tree, du Song, fish pelargonium, the essence such as rosemary is oily, helpful improvement the effect of scurf.

Allocate a method to be as follows: Fish hawk points to Du Song of? drop + 3 + rosemary 7, add base oil 30ml again. (Base oil choice:
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