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Be troubled by bridal chamber coup of easy pass a barrier
Be troubled by bridal chamber to be commonly after marriage banquet, everybody wine full meal is full, often want to walk into bridal chamber, amuse funny bridegroom bride, people pushs wedding to the climax in mirth, in this one process, new personality hard to avoid can appear awkward occasion, it is so before bridal chamber, new people must prepare a few action to answer " reduce ability surely " .
The first plan: "Procrastinate plan "


Generally speaking, be troubled by bridal chamber too won't long, about 1-2 hour, so our the first plan namely " procrastinate " , pull time as far as possible in the past, when everybody gives a program, can go up in regulation to the top of one's bent argy-bargy, do not succeed when the performance, anyhow, the clever He Zhihui that applies you pulls time in the past.


The 2nd plan: "Cheat plan "


Be troubled by commonly most of vigorously do not marry, at this moment, you want gally they. To wedded, should move with affection, xiao Zhi in order to manage, show cordial pattern, ask the person that gives a program demonstrates, such can ground of make use of an opportunity to do sth turns the program to others body. In order to divert everybody's attention.

The 3rd plan: "Borrow plan "


If encounter the person of a few vulgar taste to force new people to say privacy, say cussword, make a few embarrassed motions in public even, new people must exercise restraint calmly treat. The elder that you can seek a few enjoy high and command universal respect or leader will check they, avoid by all means cannot be borne silently, also cannot quarrel with the other side.


The 4th plan: "Lai Ji "


Encounter difficulty to affect issue of emotive of husband and wife too big or possibly, can adopt " act shamelessly " means is evasive. But the manner that those who want an attention is new personality must show pleasant smiles- - " the manner is cordial, do not do stoutly " , do not destroy the festive atmosphere of newly-married.

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