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Formal attire makes bridegroom cheesier
Bridegroom and bride are important leading role likewise, if had beforehand,prepare thoroughly, in the marriage banquet that all appears in gent fair maiden, will same outstanding.

Also accordingly, bridegroom wants only not him oversight importance, many visitors does not forget his existence. Also might as well besides the black in the tradition and white formal attire try the more intense color such as red, violet, ash, at that time, because the modelling of bridegroom matchs and the bride had < person of a pair of peerlessly beautiful a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center > the effect appears.

On custom, man formal attire is taken than lady banquet more heavy and complicated, it is the design of dress material and adornment no matter, need to comparative exquisite, and what because of be being mixed by day evening is wearing time is different, return cent to be formal formal attire and half formal formal attire!

Swallowtail is a kind of formal formal attire, wearing later at 6 o'clock in evening, royal palace is worn when national grand ceremony, besides should deserve to go up outside the vest, also can build again on breastpin or brooch, reach formally in order to increase luxuriant.

The dress material of swallowtail is very exquisite still, can use black to reach only blue-black, collar is the sword is gotten or towel gourd is gotten, get thin silk cannot little, predecessor is short like the vest, the left and right sides seamed a stud each, waistline does not open fork below, lap becomes swallow end state from the back, trousers is be the same as cloth with jacket, make it of criterion of bottom of a trouser leg is odd, cannot turn over both sides of side of to fold, coerce to decorate two side chapter even, the shirt is firm bosom of white, collar is before to fold, replaced cravat with bow tie again.

As to half formal formal attire (Tuxedo) , those who point to is evening place is used, odd platoon is buckled and double platoon is buckled all beautiful.

The fittings of man formal attire is various, for example the waist is sealed, condole belt, vest, bag medium, formal attire, shoe, etc, be in so rent or order before doing, want to be clear about understanding. Be needed to reach charge according to oneself reasonable will rent or order do. The dress of bridegroom, should cooperate bridal characteristic, for example when the bride wears the ceremonial robe or dress of white or cream-colored, bridegroom dress white, black or blue-black business suit are tie-in the leather shoes of bright side of black coat of paint. If want show more luxurious and formal, can wear formal attire to deserve to guide a knot, get flower, stays, so elegant elegant demeanour, reveal without involuntary discharge of urine.

Be born with so, bridegroom a keeper of domestic animals do not disrelish a trouble, join love rapidly beautiful cavalcade, arouse the state of mind that loves beauty, such, bridegroom hits a bottom of the heart to feel proud, spot beautiful guest just can feel this waits for a perfect match between a man and a girl, not allow to miss!
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