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Be troubled by bridal chamber: New personality answers " reduce ability surely "
Be troubled by bridal chamber to be commonly after marriage banquet, everybody wine full meal is full, often want to walk into bridal chamber, amuse funny bridegroom bride, people pushs wedding to the climax in mirth, in this one process, new personality hard to avoid can appear awkward occasion, it is so before bridal chamber, new people must prepare a few action to answer " reduce ability surely " .

Should knowing people will make bridal chamber real intention above all is to cherish wish goodly, will be the same as new personality collective spend joyfully the hour with this one the best and happy life. The close friends that comes round to be troubled by bridal chamber to these so must be recieved enthusiasticly, cannot the manner is cool. When be troubled by bridal chamber, must not put intentional manage pressure, people calls you performance program, sing dance, it is for appreciation by no means, just be active atmosphere stopped. Loosen as far as possible when the performance so, do not put intentional manage pressure.

Appear to avoid bridal chamber embarrassed, bridegroom bride most precondition a few programs, if sing, dance, dancing or small magic, jest the small program that oneself are good at. If do not search to give performance program to also never mind really, you are OK precondition a few riddle, couplet, and the person that come to an agreement or understanding does not answer to go out performs a program, such can ground of make use of an opportunity to do sth changes the program to others body. When be troubled by bridal chamber, should tell commonly tell Luo Man history, you might as well manage beforehand main threads of an affair, had thought the content that should interpret.

In bridal chamber, bridegroom, bride wants to cooperate actively, coordinate the operation. Especially bridegroom, always must notice to be bridal rescue sb from a siege, do not be immersed in embarrassed. If encounter the person of a few vulgar taste to force new people to say privacy, say cussword, make a few embarrassed motions in public even, new people must exercise restraint calmly treat. The elder that you can seek a few enjoy high and command universal respect or leader will check them, avoid by all means cannot be borne silently, also cannot quarrel with the other side. If individual innocent guest is troubled by later more, still do not have the meaning that wants right-down. So OK and euphemistic the earth's surface narrates new personality oneself became tired, must not show the door directly.

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