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Handsome bridegroom from " first " begin
Want to make a handsome groom, sheet relies on to iron the suit of very hot Tuo Tie but insufficient, the hair style that even one suits you talent adequate level. Resemble wearing a beautiful dress, even a pair of appropriate shoe just calculate suitably perfect and same. Look the bride allows bonnily beside you, in the fine at hand of modelling division, become amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, can you do bleak greenery readily how? Hit the target one day this is important to be born, do your hair well, make some of little change, assure to be able to let many relatives and friends shine at the moment. Show arrive from the boy of the man brand-new glamour, mix we together from " first " begin!

   Change " hair " action type 1: Improvement is sent qualitative

◆ is aimed at scurf

Awkward situation: Cannot be looked up and down by others close quarters, because scurf always is of brandish,do not go. Used bits shampoo case the meeting is better, once changed,wash hair product newly to reply again " snowflake all over the sky " state.

Find out cause of formation: The prime cause that scurf produces is scalp cell unusual be damaged with head skin health. Even if now and then occurrence scurf, explain head skin is insalubrious, want this a little bit to do not have improvement only, scurf is met very quickly second birth. Chronic ground is caught with fingernail flinch meeting correct hair and scalp cause further loss, the result brings about scalp health condition to worsen continuously.

Solution: ZPT is the accepted efficient shampoo on international goes bits stops urticant additive, it an effectively cause trouble that causes scurf is microbial -- chaff spore bacterium decreases to normal level, control scurf second birth thereby. Using go when bits washs hair dew, if just be washed,rush, very inaccessible effect, best will go bits washs hair dew to fall on the hair, with show the abdomen massages rub to wash 1-3 minute rush again.

◆ is aimed at fat

Awkward situation: Even if is to just washed a head, still glossy is visible, at one's convenience how are you blown with blower, look flat still collapse those who collapse.

Find out cause of formation: The health of the hair depends on greatly the balance of scalp, a film that makes by leather fat and sweat gland especially, it can have the effect of moist hair, make the hair maintains softness to shine lustre. But absorb excessive candy cent when the body, bring down insulin is secreted, stimulation is adrenal beyond the mark and active, the oil that can produce excessive is secreted.

Solution: The hair needs to adjust ceaselessly likewise moisture and nutrition, cannot destroy the equilibrium of the hair for pure purify grease. Major beautifies hair division suggests to use the oily dandruff shampoo that contains gentle anion and soda acid couple to clean composition, while purify bilge reachs redundant grease, maintain the balanced position of scalp.

◆ is aimed at fleeciness
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