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Perfect bridegroom 10 paces music
No matter ferial you how raunchy, arrived all one's life marriage is big the day always wants to creat with groove Duan Yongzhi's unforgettable one memory. Want to developed your very man glamour that day in wedding, beforehand time cannot be short of:

1. Hold " not " oneself

Want to wear ceremonial robe or dress handsomely have a money, had better add more exercise, as soon as possible decreases fat abdomen Nan. If think the weight that reduces over 10 pounds, must execute your a major programme of lasting importance reducing weight before 4 weeks the least. Of course, want to explore safe and effective method reducing weight, had better consult to the doctor.

2. Hold out a chest

Although give you to put on the rarest and luxuriant formal attire, want you only one " cold " remove a back to come, your bearing, demeanour should sell at a discount greatly. Improve " cold back " the method is to be below the expert's guidance, specific aim ground exercises endurance and weaker muscle, want hour vigilant the pose that oneself maintain good, day have rendered great service, get effective necessarily.

3. Ko pressure

Do not let pressure affect your psychosis, right amount motion conduce you are flabby nerve, free from worry heart.

4. Nurse facial skin

Do not think do " Facial " the patent that is a lady, day of the number before marrying actually does the skin to nurse conduce makes bridegroom elder brother at marrying radiant that day. If can manage to find time every week,make film of clean skin face, the effect is idealer.

5. White tooth

If have the habit of smoking, did not forget to wash a tooth toward dentist office. If the tooth is yellower, but the opinion of consult dentist, look to whether use white toothpaste aptly, undertake the tooth is blanched even.

6. Timely nap hair

The hairstyle division that appropriate looks for acquaintanceship a few days early before marriage is tonsorial, let a hair enough time grows natural feeling. Had better not here important juncture tries new hair style, lest have poor pool a bit, regretful.

  7. Repair fingernail

To avoid influence marriage the whole that day is behaved, nodular also cannot oversight. Decorate nail beforehand short, if discover the abnormal phenomenon such as inflammation, appropriate as soon as possible seeks dermatologist make a diagnosis and give treatment.

8. Drive away body smelly

Make choice of suits him only stop sweat agent, as far as possible at saluting before bathe and enrage with mouth of gargle water drive.

9. Repair hair

Too thick hair grows in the awkward place such as nostril sight of undoubted be a hindrance to, can inspect need uses 巿 face to have crop of carry out small electric equipment.

10. Use delicate ancient Long Shui

The flavour of ancient Long Shui with pure and fresh and bright and clear for beautiful, fragrance compares the thick still word of new a form of address for one's wife,
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