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78 pairs of new personality are participated in Chinese serve collective wedding
Overnight, 78 pairs of new personality that come from countrywide each district are worn " the skirt below jacket " Chinese take happy event take, attended what in Hainan sea fining jade holds to be the wedding restoring ancient ways of chief source with Zhou Li.

New people wears Longwen phoenix end to spend red Chinese to take " crane cloak " , long sleeve thes full front of a Chinese gown when wind, garment wave. New people collective salutes to parents after conveying parental favour, it is chief source with Zhou Li,

According to introducing, "Zhou Li " ancient time of China of generally refer to is formal and civilized, with " gift gift " and " The Book of Rites " say " 3 ceremonies " , happy culture of traditional to China courtesy made the most authoritative account and explanation. Chinese ancient time marries the program is 6, namely accept is collected, ask name, accept auspicious, accept is asked for, please period, greet in person, bridal program is divided for Taoist sacrificial ceremony child, send gift presented to a senior at one's first visit as a mark of esteem, with prison, close nuptial wine cup, blessing of tie hair, pray.

According to introducing, "Chinese take " be not refer in particular to Chinese generation dress, however generally refer to comes from Huang Di the clothes and hat of an ancient name for China at the beginning of Ming Moqing, with the dress of tradition of the Chinese nation that nation of Chinese of an ancient name for China is wearing for main body. Chinese take Yu Qingchu division of history into periods, and quiet day mandarin jacket, cheongsam, " the Tang Dynasty outfit " belong to take completely,

News background: Traditional and bridal program

Taoist sacrificial ceremony (sound with " cry " ) a kind of when traditional wedding goes simple ceremony, parental honour person to children low person drink wine, low person accept the drink after proposing a toast to use up, do not need to retaliate.

Send gift presented to a senior at one's first visit as a mark of esteem (sound with " annals " ) , send meet ceremony.

With prison, male on the west female east new personality sits to banquet, mean yin and yang to hand in meeting. Two people should begin to drink same kind of wine, eat same kind of flesh.

Close nuptial wine cup (sound with " bright and beautiful " ) new personality is the same as a cup of drinking ceremony.

Tie hair, cut next lock each other, rub is put in bright and beautiful bursa together, state the knot is a couple.

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