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Rose marriage ceremony is Ning Bo testimony of 100 pairs of new personality is h
Drizzle of city of another name for Ningbo waved yesterday, moist move resembles the newlywed person with euqally bright and happy flower. Yesterday afternoon, preside over a wedding ceremony as wedding day of one square of field, covered flower and colored ribbon, be permeated with festive atmosphere, 100 pairs of new personality that come from countrywide each district " stand together regardless of situation " after visitting 3 rivers beautiful scenery, attend here " love to be in with beautiful life Ning Bo " first China Ning Bo 3 rivers affection is bright red ceremony of ceremony of accipitral rose marriage, developed the force of life happiness.

Rose marriage ceremony is 2007 China travel investment negotiates in the meeting " integrated and humanitarian " one of the activity serious content. The form of marriage ceremony Ning Bo 3 Jiang You, city swim union rises, let more people experience distinctive glamour of Xin Ningbo and harmonious life.

Do obeisance to heaven and earth, drink make a cup of wine, crossing-over ring, the ceremony on traditional wedding spreads out on square one by one. If the umbrella that right now new personality is maintaining is same each small eave, the new personality of lean close to of photograph of depend on each other will spend harships life in all from now on. Zhuo Xiang of vice director of standing committee of city National People's Congress appears on the stage to be marriage of new personality card, beatific new personality keeps the most beautiful memory in Oriental love story birthplace. Banding gem offerred lottery prize for new personality. Chang Minyi of vice-chairman of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference takes first prize for new personality.


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