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Steam ball is bridal

Late on July 8, section of first Changchun pass the summer in a leisurely way is orgiastic night saves square of culture of the Changchun City to hold in Jilin, carry elite of ball of 2007 China steam to surpass the " balloon that lifts in this city to heat up " , 20 pairs of lucky new personality that come from countrywide each district held wedding in the in rise high into the air hot balloon since, peremptory of the " sky of a having sth new love " .

Sweet wedding march leisurely rings, the blaze Huhu in steam ball gives birth to wind, in crossing nacelle in succession to new personality slowly rise, they or hug, or beck, or kiss, let look down at the ten Changchun citizen in the perspective witnesses their " to hold your hand, grow old with you the acceptance of " .

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