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Gauze of marriage of vision of Changsha cruel lubricious · photographs


Cruel lubricious vision is to provide yarn of fashionable travel marriage, individual character writes orgnaization of photography of professional really whole world. We have powerful working group, be comprise by a flock of youths that have vigor, style. Our professional level, to fashionable acumen touch, and the appreciate ability to art, assure to lead newest concept, capture contemporary tide pulse. Lubricious to cruel vision will tell, your satisfaction is only standard, in the service to you, we will provide the delicate service of a group to the client, satisfy the requirement of your individuation, from film take piece every detail provides your best service. Cruel lubricious vision serves a purpose: Man-to-man essence subdues Wu, let you enjoy the most fashionable vision concussion, leave you for you forever classical instant!

The home of cruel color-----Your happiness witnesses an expert

Photography is to take a picture not just, it is a kind of life more. Everybody is sacred child, let that an instant never aged, below the light that bestows in nature, lifelike.

In certain corner of the city, have a flock of such person, running an elegance, individual character, make public, close fashion show attentively. In light and shadow, cruel color takes each person's the most beautiful, most natural moment patiently, unreal changes an album of paintings that rots into a dazzle, account is worn happy, mirth, happy ……

Cruel color photography breaks the automation line production of conventional film building, different point of view, the album …… of extraordinary is communicated, individual character of true, esteem is us the requirement to oneself, will support your idea with enough patience, earnest communication, professional technology. We hope each client is a friend, be the sort of is willing that make each other heart interactive, be willing speak out freely, without the friend of place attend to.
Cruel color respects the cameraman of course of study to also will show individual character elegant demeanour thoroughly for you.

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