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Buy photo used as playing SLR photography studio Secret
2010, the network is not only a sharp jump up the red brother and Luo Yufeng, and swept the young family buy. This refers to a spontaneous buy a joint understanding of, or with people who do not know the same things to buy common needs, organize To increase with the bargaining power between businesses, the most favorable prices for all items needed. In 2005 the network began to appear on the furniture, household items of the buy site, using the power of the network will be more people together Together to buy, so the price was more affordable. Buy site accidents this year, started hot, all kinds of sites are springing up, like buy a house to house men and women are overwhelmed. In addition to cosmetics, clothing, digital products, Internet must dry food and other daily necessities, the buy has been extended to travel tickets, concert rush tickets, movie tickets, etc., than the marriage of the most ridiculous play to start a new buy, buy wedding photo photography are endless. Buy wedding photography or a personal photo albums, photo studio or a relative before the individual to find a professional photographer, is a lot cheaper, and we get together is still relatively fast. But get together with wedding photography is also more Trouble, the photographer can shoot again the next rush of shooting, if they are not satisfied with half-way there, most from cheap studio to reject the re-engineering for you. Wedding photography, or are themselves a better photo Display, if inflicted a rush go through the motions with everyone crowding together has become meaningless, after all, not buy clothes, which is the process of self-expression. In fact, photography is not is another story, one seemingly put forward a professional camera, Kaca few good, no need to buy now as tense. Like taking pictures of friends, the most expensive way is to own Buy a camera, photography, playing with friends, the four seasons landscape, want to shoot to shoot. Now the price of digital SLR cameras become cheaper, the performance is also more intelligent, just a little learning can take the lessons learned to the general photo Photographs, plus a late PS processing, beautiful wedding for granted. So National want to shoot pictures of friends can buy their own SLR camera, and friends together in twos and threes to Beijing suburb of Huairou blues lavender or lavender farm base, put on their brightest clothes , Play while you take the night is not a problem. We use the camera on the studio master is always filled with a look of admiration, that this stuff professional, in fact, this is not a professional camera, a myth, making the price of a wedding Enough to buy your SLR camera. This give us a presentation Xiaobian studio instructors are using the SLR models and prices, we can refer to buy their own machine, just north of the National Day holiday is a yellow leaves swirling in the Season Section, just like you can take beautiful pictures.
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