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Wedding ceremony theme of love warmth partition
Hong Nan and LI Jingwen two new team with a work desk in their room with a partition, the best relationship between colleagues. Occasionally go shopping together, go out, occasional work, company trips, and so are two of the collective good opportunity for budding love. After more than two years of work in the life of the run, the Hong Nan suddenly transferred out of work and allows the feelings of the two burst, together. Loving more than one year fell in love, is about to get married, at the same time, the bride's father, was suffering from a serious illness, liver cancer, his walk is a very difficult thing, but they insisted on accompanying her daughter sent to the bridegroom has completed the period of road. Perhaps you've heard their parents to participate in Ernv seriously ill will insist the wedding thing, but if not see and I can not really feel like the world had moved extremely well-being of people. How in the shortest possible time for the couple to prepare a perfect wedding? How to meet at a wedding wish frail elderly instead of a risk? This wedding in what can best embody the theme of people love the new course? Various problems in front of us, not afraid, we are one by one to achieve, to newcomers, to the great father. We are carefully planning a warm and moving the couple's wedding, both in the same team, the relationship between colleagues to come together for the last two, "Team in the partition of love," the perfect interpretation of the couple's love and the combination of belonging to their own unique wedding. We carefully arranged every detail of the wedding, the couple goes to fight them for the most coveted wedding.
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