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Fuzhou wedding market peak frequency of the frequency owning household is "j
"The site layout costs 1,000 yuan, the company for a wedding as long as 500 yuan, which will not have any transmission of the disease, right?" Ms. Chen recently discovered at the end of marriage is also a wedding site layout, different wedding companies offer thousands of high and low as long as several hundred. Industry said that as the increasingly fierce competition in the wedding market in Fuzhou, plus hotel trend intervention, forcing many wedding companies at the end of wedding season, competition for low-cost source Costly. Frequent price wars for the wedding industry is "jump list" "Recently we have complained, the company had just reported to the morning of a new full price of 1,800 yuan for the wedding, the wedding company of another afternoon, quoted the price of 1,300 yuan, the business was broken into immediately." Fuzhou, general manager of sweet garden wedding planning agency Song Bei introduced low-price competition brought about by a single hop acts, have been swept Fuzhou wedding industry. It is understood, Fuzhou wedding services including wedding planning, host, site layout, etc., quoted in several grades, and low-end of the 1000-2000 yuan 5000-6000 yuan in medium-and high-end while thousands, even millions. Montage wedding consultants, general manager of Fuzhou Wang Chen told reporters that the current size of the company in Fuzhou, the wedding is generally small, low entry barriers, few people will be able to get a planning company, leading to frequent the industry owning household. If the site layout offer yuan in 1000-2000, a number of companies through the use of props to dare to repeat the call for 500 yuan. Mr. Chang, owner of a wedding Wusi frankly, Fuzhou now at least hundreds of wedding companies, foreign companies are increasing influx of wedding, the wedding had to try to ensure lower prices under the premise of the effect.
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