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The detail that wonderful and bridal spot cannot ignore
Of bridal spot decorating is crucial link, how to decorate beamingly and do not fall convention, want to expend a few brains really. Might as well the good friend that asks you before wedding is held for your design personally do all these, discuss the plan that arrange repeatedly with them, the opinion that listens to everybody can make bridal spot is decorated additionally more person likes and satisfactory. Balloon and flower are the adornment with indispensable spot, how to simplify to also cannot lack them to come foil atmosphere, like enthusiastic word to be able to choose be given priority to with red, like the can choose weak pink and purple balloon of quietly elegant, deserve to go up white lily, can get bridal deck have emotional appeal more. The color that is sure to keep in mind adornment does not want too mixed and disorderly.


Alternative2 chooses the bridal plan of one

About bridal program and detail, it is the topic that you care most certainly. In the process of elaborate design and plan, you can discover a lot of good ideas to be able to be carried out, so suggest you devise two plan, can have line of diverse drive a vehicle, different program and time are controlled, because there may be a few in bridal spot temporarily misfortune, two plan can ensure wedding undertakes smoothly.


The bouquet of Bouquet beauty

To the bride, the bouquet that the hand held wedding in both hands that day also is attached most importance to especially should. The color that should notice the hand holds a flower in both hands should be tie-in and as harmonious as the color of bridal formal attire. When wearing white marriage gauze, can choose the warm color such as gules, pink is fastened or compare dense colorific bouquet; And cheongsam of dress red Chinese style or when saturate evening dress, can choose white bouquet to come foil. Additional, the hand holds a flower in both hands to should choose flower to compare great variety, petite flower does not suit to plunge into a hand to hold bouquet in both hands. Current, a lot of brides can choose lily to hold a flower in both hands as the hand, actually tulip and African chrysanthemum also are right choice. Before wedding, accurate bride can make an on-the-spot investigation one time on the spot to flowers market, choose a hand that fits you most finally to hold bouquet in both hands.

The budget with careful Budget

Bridal budget is the incident of first time conduct financial transactions before bridegroom bride lives jointly, no matter the flower is floriferous little, want to have specific pay plan, otherwise the imagination that your cost can be head and shoulders above you. Each charge should consider to go in as far as possible, do not cause repeat consumption needlessly, this does not have too great sense to wedding, it is a kind of waste more. We still suggest your budgetary figure finally adds the float defray of on 10% to plan, such meetings make the certain expenses that day can a few more agile.
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