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Western-style and bridal flow
Wearing white marriage gauze, the hand holds a flower in both hands, below father's company, move toward beloved person, the promise that leaves all one's life to be defended is made in cathedral, this is you are divine and romantic Western-style wedding.

   Ceremonial place: The choice is formaller, grave and the place with illicit close better sex, for example: Garden of cathedral, floret.

New personality dress: Bridal marriage gauze, bridegroom suit or formal attire.

   The spot decorates: According to the color that a matron of honour takes, decide bridal color fundamental key, undertake the adornment of the flower next. If be in cathedral, can in carpet flower of the adornment on the couch of two side is mixed lacy, the candle is decorated on chancel, build the bridal atmosphere of holy romance; If be to be in the environment such as the garden, can make ceremonial stand with beautiful door, draw the ceremonial district that decorates you with flower road next.

   Ceremonial timeline:

17:00 bridal ceremonies begin: Abba station arrives at the back of dais. A matron of honour enters; A matron of honour and partner man face a guest to be discharged into character 8 stand still. Ring child enters, make ring in Abba hand;

17:03 brides are pulling father to enter, bridal father hands in the bride in bridegroom hand;

17:10 exchange ring makes a pledge: After exchanging ring, bride, bridegroom is in of compere guide fall to make next promises one by one;

17:15 chief witness at a wedding ceremony make a speech;

17:20 ceremonies end: Music rings, new personality exeunts, guest sheds leaf to new personality;

17:30 take a picture: Take a picture for new personality and close friends by two cameraman accept as a souvenir;

   Banquet timeline:

We arranged dinner of 5 hours of seating for you:

17:40 wedding turn into dinner scene proceed: Guests walk into a sitting room in succession, visiting team people play music expresses to welcome. Appetizing cole shifts to an earlier date before all sorts of beverage and eat ready can enjoy for guests. Guests choose his seat to get stuck;

18:30 guests are entered, bridegroom bride enters dining room. Go up first the first dish, attendant people give a guest the champagne on pour, accompany man congratulate, it is congratulate of bridegroom, bride next, agile arrangement;

19:0After 0 appetizing dish are gone, bridegroom bride jumps the first dance. Accompany guest of etc of man a matron of honour to enter dance pool to dance together next;

19:30 enter afresh each await staple food;

20:0After 0 staple food are gone, ball continues;

20:30 bridegroom bride cuts cake together, the people that offer a customer continues to dance enjoy when leisure;

21:0After 0 brides cast bouquet, music continues, new personality moves back and forth to thanks for their presence between guests. The drink after coffee reachs all sorts of eat can be enjoyed for the guest, band is performed for last rounds of dance;
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