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Flow of Chinese style wedding
Traditional Chinese style wedding built a kind of festival and enthusiastic bridal atmosphere with red, a lot of new personality especially new personality of a few foreign countries is loving all the more plant hereat form.

Nod bridally: Hold what the ground can choose the Imperial Ancestral Temple, Summer Palace bridally to listen to park of Li house, Zhongshan come today rain highs or the Chinese style such as respectful Wang Fu is built. Additional, want escape traffic thoroughfare, the bridal sedan chair that gives oneself stays have sufficient space, because the occasion of bump bridal sedan chair can draw large quantities of sight-seer, cause traffic jam.

The spot decorates: Chinese style construction is interior more brilliant, unsuited especially other adornment, place Chinese section, lantern, firecracker, red candle, bright red happy event only word, leave very the azalea of flourishing can.

New personality dress: Short embroidered cape of phoenix coronet glow, aba mandarin jacket, the bride covers red lid head.


8:00 brides begin to make up, bridegroom prepares change clothes;

9:00 bridegroom take festooned vehicle to receive a bride, the bridal sedan chair already prepared to end;

9:30 bridegroom reach bridal home, the bride covers red lid head, in a matron of honour accompany below, what hold by bridegroom is bright red silken pulling, record festooned vehicle slowly;

10:00 festooned vehicle reach place of bridal sedan chair. Bridal cavalcade has gotten ready: Gong of two sides clear the way is advanced, dance lion performance is in front, 8 bugler are from the back, back-to-back move is 8 deacon that the hand lifts a coronal to build, finally is be wounded in fight of drape a band of red silk over sb's shoulders 8 carry big sedan;

10:05 new personality change bridal sedan chair, the chair man has litter. Bridegroom hand helps a bridal sedan chair up and go. In the music sound of day of noisy of strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, nod set out vast and mightily to bridal ground;

10:3Litter of 0 midway bump;

11:00 brides issue litter: Litter shade is opened, the bride is in of bridesmaid support sb with hand below, step down a sedan;

11:03 stride brazier, the life of implied meaning future is prosperous;

11:05 take the door: The lion seals the door, beg red bag;

11:15 archery: Shoot a day, the blessing of invocatory God, shoot the ground, the delegate is everlasting, shoot to distance, wish prospective life is perfect and happy;

11:08 do obeisance to heaven and earth: Do obeisance to heaven and earth, 2 Bai Gaotang, 3 husband and wife are right do obeisance to;

11:10 the head that lift a lid: Poke the lid head of next brides with weighbeam;

11:15 drink make a cup of wine;

11:18 respect tea to correct oneself;

11:20 enter bridal chamber;

11:40 brides change dress, propose a toast for guest;
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