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The ability of spot meet an emergency of bridal compere
The ability of spot meet an emergency of bridal compere In divine bridal hall, the music when entering ceremoniously to new personality is interrupted suddenly, in the banquet hall with brilliant lights, trip of the accident when formal young lady appears on the stage, hand in a cup of wine to fall so that in disorder completely; Wave snow season traffic jam, new personality motorcade is late. . . . . . These are the things that bridal compere is willing to see least of all, and this kind of accident happens constantly however, it does not wish favorably with compere beauty and change, the method that can dissolve exclusively is the language strength of compere and quick response ability.

Write down a wedding at the beginning of 2001 is mediumly, pull an arm to hand in when new personality when the cup, cameraman stopped suddenly as a result of the reason of equipment however, and my wedding is chaired however not allow because this halt, can you fail to pat hand in cup wine ceremony completely this how? I am seeing those who be like calm chair in, nervous however reflection is worn, when cameraman switchs on the mobile phone afresh, the honored guest says pair of collectivity that I smile: This year is the beginning of a new century, but in the traditional wedding in certain place of the China at the beginning of last centuries, bridegroom, bride is to pay attention to those who drink double cross cup, that asks formal young lady to carry beautiful wine of on two cups of grapes again, let two people be drunk right hand in cup, drink again left hand in cup, the implied meaning is worn meddlesome and geminate, have double happiness! In an enthusiastic hip, bridegroom bride deep feeling drinks, cameraman also is fond of in one clique the picture with patted this paragraph fundamental fills in gas.

Somebody thinks, in wedding compere wants to be able to say lucky word only, can turn all adverse elements the situation that is everyone is happy, be not actually such, compere of the moment of truth needs solid language skill not only, need pair of marriage to celebrate a sincerity of the career more.

This year on January 9, I chair wedding for a pair of new personality of journalism, grand bridal spot is sent festival, tremendous candlestick is burning 100 Gong Zhu, there also is the passion of all honored guest in the meantime, be in everybody's preoccupied hour, a guest bumped into candlestick carelessly when taking a picture for new personality, tremendous noise ins disorder with a before, make full-court guest dumbfounded, in compere heart again and again complain of suffering, I know, clear away so horrible situation only by say a few words years old year old restful kind civilities already of no help, if compere is evasive,reality can be things go contrary to one's wishes only, then I am in halt say sincerely after a few seconds: "Everybody saw a moment ago thing, the trip that resembles life cannot be successful same, the husband and wife of a pair of conjugal love should accept the test of different kind in the life, the hand that we see newlywed person right now closely grasp together, my genuine wish they lift case Qi Mei in the life, go up in the career hand in hand side-by-side, immerse in difficulty with foam, fly wing to wing to fly together when the success! " a paragraph of genuine blessing invites the whole audience again since palm noise. . . . . .
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