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Romantic wedding 12 kinds of distinctive originality
Wedding is the life that deserves commemoration day of one's whole life, how to make your wedding more romantic, have individual colour and commemorative sense more, be one is worth to spend some of idea. 101 kinds are listed what the United States publishs to make on this fashionable magazine bridal more personification, have the method that commemorates a meaning more, have 12 kinds of methods among them useful to us perhaps.

The invitation that is you chooses a stamp

The invitation that is you chooses the stamp that has commemorative sense, for example, the element such as the design on the stamp and your bridal day, place is relative, or with the any of the twelve animals of bride or bridegroom attribute matters etc. Reflect elaborate arrangement from fine point.

Products of a rock comes vulture souvenir

Need not write down like stone in that way engrave dream of fast ministry red building, but can mix the name of bridal bridegroom marry pair of brides such as the date that day an affectionate couple that is cut in stone to make, rose and bridegroom are acted the role of significantly article on.

Name to bridal table

On bridal late banquet, give each table a significant to you name. For example, if you like travel, give the name of the city that you get on to like to go since your table, place. If you like a flower, give the name that all sorts of flowers get on since table. When case person comes, accuse a person to arrive " peony stage " feel well arrives " 3 stages " .

Oneself design wedding ring

A famous model of the United States marries, the wedding ring them designs the dragon that containing him tail for, the eye fine that imposing infinite, lasting, dragon scenic spot is set respectively on the birthday of bridal bridegroom is lapidary.

In words and expressions of engrave of wedding ring the reverse side

You are OK engrave your belief or favorite logion, or engrave your love the romantic words and expressions such as enunciative, solemn pledge of love.

Make a piece of special CD or tape

The music that likes you or love song are recorded go up in a piece of CD or on tape, broadcast on wedding. This piece of CD or tape still can be saved come down to serve as souvenir. Phoenix is defended inspect what when red compere Wu Xiaoli not long ago does so namely.

Choose the time that has special sense to hold wedding

You can choose your parents or the wedding anniversary of grandparent or the commemorative recently that bridal bridegroom meets for the first time hold wedding.

Make one bed handiwork by

Be called again by hand " 100 accept by " , it is with what a variety of differring cloth piece joining together is together tailor and become. You can invite willing friend or the relative carries the material of a certain standards each, the design above can like a thing to concern with new personality, the quilt of tailor can be revealed in bridal reception desk, also can treat as the souvenir is collected.
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