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Ceremonial ground nods  

Should resemble choosing marriage gauze same, the choice suits your ceremonial place. No matter you choose the cathedral wedding of a royal tradition, still choose to hold the lawn wedding of a pure and fresh nature in the garden, will be you and fiance the properest expression of the love to you.

The choice of the place of bridal ceremony, can affect the style of bridal ceremony and type, because of you whole decorate should want and the environmental photograph all round is appropriate.

If you are very long since dream to hold wedding in chapel of a countryside all the time, then you are about to choose a sweet candle power wedding, so, the ceremony will be very simple, of flower and setting decorate nature austere. The bouquet of reoccupy fragrance and sweet candle power add the romantic atmosphere like fairy tale for wedding.

If you like the sea, you can hold wedding in the seaside, let the sea be witnessed for you. Choose a place that can see the sea, perhaps go up in soft beach. In a summer on the weekend, you and he has gone to use the corridor of conch laid together, make the solemn pledge of love that issues you.

If you choose a hotel to hold wedding, normally hotel clerk can introduce a few ground that hold a ceremony normally to you, if you do not want to mix other people is same, you can look carefully, may discover the place that suits you more.

No matter you choose to hold wedding in where, each bridal ceremony place should have a center. The center of cathedral wedding is chancel of course. The choice is holding a ceremony elsewhere, if this place has a small kiosk, should make adornment can become ceremonial center a bit to kiosk only so, also can use the arch that inserts full greenery and flower, tent and parasol, still can choose bush basin to grow etc, should look only have originality, without the limitation with special what.

Bridal clew: To a kind of any ceremonies, the most important is to create a kind of close atmosphere. If the place of your choice has 300 places, and your guest has 125 only, you should encourage guests to sit in front. Best arrangement is gotten member, they can lead the visitor to the position before leaning quite directly.

Seat arrangement

If be a small-sized wedding that only family and close friend attend, need to be your elder put apart beforehand only one part seat. To a large wedding, you need to prepare seat check, will reduce guests to spend time to seek a seat.

On the tradition, bridal home sits to the left, bridegroom home sits in right. The relation jumps over the close place that takes before leaning quite more, elder and brotherly sister sit to the left the first, if parents leaves other, the hope sits apart, should look and parents which at the same time the relationship is better, if had been compared with father's relation, can let father and his present wife sit in the first, the mother sits in the 2nd.

To a large wedding, with the seat card can solve. On card of every pieces of seat, write the guest's name, put on the seat or on the back of the chair. The design that the seat blocks must seductive, the name that you can keep load person with one's own hands is opposite with conveying you the guest's esteem.
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