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Little detail creates atmosphere of romance of marriage banquet warmth
That fact that wants guest to remember you in banquet of cloud cloud marriage is not easy thing, it is a few your people below impressive to your marriage banquet small way.

1. One piece is put to leave a message inside invitation card, ask guest writes down the blessing to new personality or feeling on card. Put it into the banquet next collect box, new personality immediately recites the beatific speech of these relatives and friends on marriage banquet, believe spot atmosphere makes a person touch surely surely unceasingly.

2. Put to be used namely abandon camera or popular now Bao Li to come on every pieces of table namely, make guest OK oneself take a picture for oneself, add spot atmosphere. When 妳 can let guest pat Bao Li to come oneself even, write on photo on the words and expressions that they attend many thanks.

3. Ask cameraman to ask guest is sided with photograph collection machine say a few words to bless conversation. 妳 can ask after wedding cameraman goes to these precious extract montage on the bridal video tape of 妳 .

4. With casing of a small photograph, make the double use of Place Card and souvenir. I have been to banquet of a marriage, the photo that sees oneself and name are put in an elegant silver-colored look to wear inside. And this photograph wearing, I am OK of glom on to. The sort of excited feeling, absolutely 妳 hopes guest gets.

5. Put liquid of a bottle of soap on every pieces of table, good make guest OK use blow a hubble-bubble to be blessed to 妳 . 妳 can be written on hubble-bubble fluid goblet more on 妳 and his name, make this gadgety more interesting.

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